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Here are some of the nice things people have to say about Agua Dulce Airpark ...

One of the best small airports on the west coast. Nice place to visit while getting fuel. Nice people runing the airport. On a scale from 1 to 10, a 10!
   Oscar Alonso
This is one of the best places to visit in southern California. Just make sure you adhere to the rules, fly quietly and we get to keep this jewel for a long time.
  Uwe T. Kerner

This is the perfect stop for a weekend lunch! I did so, and while fueling, the unicom operator/airport manager must have recognized that I hadn't been here before. She came down the hill and helped me pull the airplane (uphill) to the transient spot, while telling me all about their new facilities and services. We were both exhausted, but that didn't slow her down. She went off to help other people. You really feel welcome here!!
  Fred Von Zabern

    What a great adventure. My first flight as a private pilot w/ a passenger and we had a blast. Great food and beautiful
accomodations. Keep up the great work, and we'll be back for sure!
    Jonathan R.

     Hi Kristen!
     I wanted to thank you again.  The boys and their families had an AMAZING time. You were all so informative AND accomodating.  The food wasn't bad either.  Many of us are planning some lazy afternoons eating a tri tip sandwich and watching those planes. ( Could you work on the wind chill factor though?  :))
     noli wiesen


   I wish to thank you again for your kindness and generosity.
   My wife was unsure she would feel comfortable in a small aircraft.  Not only did you express your desire to help my wife, you procured an owner of a small aircraft (an owner you did not know, I might add) and made arrangements for her to experience the feel of the cockpit.  The outcome was a positive one.
   Our experience with the airpark, under your ownership, has been a pleasant one to date.  My family and I will continue to frequent your facility in the future.  Your staff was most accomodating to our needs and very friendly.  We look forward to visiting your facility in the future.  As I have stated before, I grew up at the Agua Dulce Airport, and I look forward to my daughter growing up there as well.
   Thank you again,
      W. T. Bloomer


    We found the most unknown wonderful place by a mistake and my curiosity. We were there to look for a newly opened winery.  I wanted to look around the town since there were so many ranches.  We also found a nice natural park a few miles away from you.

   We passed a sign of "Airport" with dirt road.  There were many trailers with horse in the back pulling out from the Airport?.  So, I decided to look for more.
   We did not see a landing strip for a little while.  Our children were so excited about what was going on at the place we finally reached.  Horses, cowboys, BBQ, etc.  Our grandma has moved from Japan a year ago.  Our children grew up in the city.  So, it was very unexpected experience for them.
   On the way back home, we stopped by at the winery, picked up a few bottles. Then, we visited William Hart museum on the way back.
   Please keep me posted what new for your activity.  Our children have never seen such a nice country living style.  I feel that they need to learn.
   Again, thank you for let us in the event.  We will be back there soon.
      Andy Ando


   I would like to say, that the airpark is also a great place to ride over on horseback, have lunch, and relax, before exploring the beautiful trails that surround the airpark. Also, a very friendly and accomodating place, for horses and people.
   Thank You.
    Tiffany Stewart, Agua Dulce resident.


   I want to thank you all again for your wonderful hospitality on my first of what I'm sure will be many visits to your airport. From helping with my fueling and tie down to the Bar B Que lunch you served it was a first class experience. My son Kyle especially liked the horse shoes, croquette and cookie. I'm sure we'll be seeing you again soon. Thanks again.
    Randy & Kyle Rogers

    Our "Del Amo Flyers" group from Torrance had a great time today at your BBQ. Thanks for your wonderful hospitality!  (Click Here for Picture !)


     For years, I been wondering if this airport would ever be operated in a way that would live up to it's potential.  Certainly, the location and weather are superb for the VFR only pilot who likes to make extended cross country trips
     I'm glad to say, I can now recommend it to anyone who lives in the SCV - Acton area, who is tired of long commutes to fogged in, crowded airports.
     Best part for me is that flight instruction is available through Continental Flight Services of Van Nuys, who fly a C-150 up on the weekends.
     Mike Malis

Glad to hear there is action to encourage fly-ins. Haven't been there in many years, so planning to come to give support.
Charles Montague


Flew in on Friday with my friends, had a really enjoyable time talking to Barry about the airpark's future plans for development.  Looking forward to barbeque this weekend!
Jerry Peck


Haven't been there for about 26 years.  Very nice facilities and lots of tables and grass.  BBQ was good to better than average food.  No other restaurant facilities were noted.  My recommendation is a short flight from LA area for a nice lunch.  Good airport and taxiways.  Terain isn't much to look at as it is high desert.  Really nice people.  We should all try and support such operations or they will all be gone someday!!! 


Serene! Picturesque! Relaxing! The best kept secret for a Southern California fly-in!  The people were very kind, and wonderful to talk with, especially the new owner Barry Kirchner.  Quietly nestled in the hills of Agua Dulce . . . we will definitely be spending a lot of time here!
Royal & Karen Gardner

What an unexpected delight to see the great improvements made by a pilot, for pilots. It's a super "away feeling" lunch stop on a beautiful very green grass lawn. No crowds, quiet, clean, plus gas at only $2.15 a gallon.  Also, this will be a wonderful fly-in home for those who desire a Southern California location, clear air, in a country setting with a limited number of fly/taxi up to your home lots. 
Gerry Hall
Beautiful and serene spot...intimate and friendly and caring people. 
Great location to enjoy aircraft!
...your grass is beautiful!!!!  My kids loved playing on it...
The airpark is really nice!
Vicky F.
The Airpark Ranch is beautiful...
Nice lunch spot (tri-tip sandwich, burger, chicken, or hot dog) on a summer weekend.  Lots of air activity, interesting aircraft, nice people.


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