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I just purchased land in Agua Dulce and Acton.  I hope to build a house before the end of the year.  Airport is great. Keep up the good work.  I'll be out there for weekend barbeques!

David Baral


I joined the Army a few years ago after my divorce. Had to leave Agua Dulce, sold my horses, my 4x4, my guns- it was a big mess. I am sitting here in my office at Ft. Bragg, NC looking at your website and all the pictures. I miss Agua Dulce, the lifestyle - everything. The airpark looks great.

Thanks for the opportunity to reminisce.

SGT Klajic, David S
Clark Health Clinic

Hi Barry,

Congratulations on all that you've achieved with the airpark. I'm a student pilot in the bay area, soon to be a private pilot if all goes well. I'm also a big fan of radio controlled gliders. There are two world class RC glider venues in Acton, and I am really looking forward to coming to your airpark, checking things out, then heading out to Parker Mountain for some RC flying.

From everything I've read about the airpark, it's going to make the trip that much more worthwhile.

Keith Smith

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Dear Barry,

I just clicked on to the recent events article about the fire last week. Thank you and all of your staff for supporting the fire department helicopters and crews!!!!!

I can't even imagine how "out of control" that fire would have been had you not opened up your airpark to the fire department!

Thank you for saving the day!

Rita Urbanski

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July, 2003
Last year while chairing the Chili Cook-off and having a booth at the AD Fair, I spent  a lot of time loading and unloading my van.  I started noticing all the teenagers just standing in the street, plus I almost hit them a few times. I kept wondering what is there for these kids to do?  Since I was going to be chairing the Casino Night for the AD Women’s Club in 2003, I was trying to think of what our town  needed ,and I kept going back to those teenagers.  I grew up as an only child and I know how lonely it is, I can‘t imagine living way out here. 

One of things that needed to happen was enlarging the fair and getting it off the busy street.  Since I am on the Fair Committee I thought maybe I would go meet Barry Kirshner and ask about moving the fair to that larger space.  When    I approached Barry the first thing he said was, “that would be fun” and “what do we do to make it happen.”  I went back to the fair committee and we all met with Barry.  This year the fair is Friday Night with Riders of the Purple Sage, and Saturday and Sunday which will feature everything from garage bands to a Jr Rodeo.  Barry also guarantees all three groups who put on the fair at least the same profit we made in the past in order to make it a fun and profitable time for all.

Last year I also attended meetings at the airpark where Barry met with interested residents, parents, teachers and principles of the schools trying to figure out what as a community we needed.  The things that were always brought up were a field with lights so the kids and schools had a place to play in the evenings, and a pool. That was last year and both of those things are almost done.  There were tons of teenagers in the Clubhouse at the Ice Cream social.  When I was a kid we always went to ice cream socials on Sunday Evening.

I don’t know about you, but when I see all those houses and apartments going up, the idea of getting out there on that freeway is a horrible thought and everything is a hour away.  I don’t have any children anymore, but I love to see them get outside and have fun together in our own town.

I also want to give a big Thank you to Dick Lang for his contribution of his hangar to the Women’s Club Biggest Fund-Raiser Ever "Derby Night".  Also thank you Barry Kirsher for the 2 grand prizes and the use of the Airpark.  Agua Dulce and Acton you came out in full force. The Agua Dulce’s Women’s clubhouse now has a new roof paid for.  Derby Girls you did a great job. 

If you missed Derby Night you missed a big party.  Don’t worry, I’ll be back next year for ‘The Speak Easy" May 1.2004,   it’s all about the prohibition.

Let’s get along.

Linda Ewing

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A "Letter to the Editor" of the Agua Dulce/Acton Country Journal
(VOL XIII, Issue 15, Edition of April 13-19, 2003)
        I would like to take just a quick minute to say "thanks" to Wayne and Connie Spears and their race team for the fun day  they provided the community on March 24.  They brought their race truck and trailer to the Airpark so the community could get an up-close look at what it takes to run a successful race team.  The driver, David Starr, was just great with all the kids.  He answered their questions and gave each one, if they wanted, an autographed picture. The busses kept comong and going from Agua Dulce Elementary and he just kept on smiling.
    Thanks to Barry at the airpark for his hospitality.
        Lois Moore

   I wish to thank you again for your kindness and generosity.
   My wife was unsure she would feel comfortable in a small aircraft.  Not only did you express your desire to help my wife, you procured an owner of a small aircraft (an owner you did not know, I might add) and made arrangements for her to experience the feel of the cockpit.  The outcome was a positive one.
   Our experience with the airpark, under your ownership, has been a pleasant one to date.  My family and I will continue to frequent your facility in the future.  Your staff was most accomodating to our needs and very friendly.  We look forward to visiting your facility in the future.  As I have stated before, I grew up at the Agua Dulce Airport, and I look forward to my daughter growing up there as well.
   Thank you again,
      W. T. Bloomer
   I would like to say, that the airpark is also a great place to ride over on horseback, have lunch, and relax, before exploring the beautiful trails that surround the airpark. Also, a very friendly and accomodating place, for horses and people.
   Thank You.
    Tiffany Stewart, Agua Dulce resident.
Beautiful and serene spot...intimate and friendly and caring people. 
Great location to enjoy aircraft!
...your grass is beautiful!!!!  My kids loved playing on it...
The airpark is really nice!
Vicky F.
The Airpark Ranch is beautiful...
Nice lunch spot (tri-tip sandwich, burger, chicken, or hot dog) on a summer weekend.  Lots of air activity, interesting aircraft, nice people.


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